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Welcome To Aircraft Management Services

Aircraft Management Services has the answers for you. Founder and owner Andy Profit started Aircraft Management Services in 2004 and has been managing and piloting planes for companies and executives safely and efficiently ever since. 

Andy is committed to hiring personnel that shares his commitment, passion and knowledge for aviation. Andy started his flying career in 1982 and continues to build his professional skills and his client base. Aircraft owners have entrusted Aircraft Management Services to manage their asset, and value the benefits they receive from our expertise. 

Aircraft Management
9038 Mount Carmel Rd, Stokesdale, NC 27357
Tel : 1-800-257-0582
Fax : (336) 644-9264
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Andy began his business with one airplane and has grown the business to six aircraft in 2009. Aircraft Management Services and Sales is located in Greensboro, North Carolina and primarily serves the southeastern United States.
We have a complete knowledge of aviation and we offer a professional, safe and efficient flight department for our owners and partners. They are allowed to keep complete control of their airplane. We notify the owner(s) with any issues that may arise with the craft and provide them with answers on how to address the issue.